July 20th, 1997


1.         SCORESHEET - By 7:30 P.M. captains must begin exchanging scoresheets.  The VISITING TEAM captain shall complete his half of the entire scoresheet and give it to the HOME TEAM captain, who will then complete his half of the entire scoresheet.  The first game must be underway be 7:45 P.M.  Matches not underway by 7:45 P.M. are subject to protest and forfeiture of team points.


            ·          Any match rescheduled through the mutual consent of the captain must be played within one week prior to or within one week after the next regularly scheduled match.  The MFDA reserves the right to reschedule matches outside of these time constraints.


2.         DIDDLE - All games are begun by throwing for the Bull with the HOME team throwing first.  The team of the player who throws closest to the Bull shall choose and start the game.  Double Bull beats single Bull.  If a third game is necessary, the VISITING team will diddle first.


            ·          Rethrows shall be called if it cannot be decided which dart is closest to the Bull or if both darts are anywhere in the outer Bull, or if both darts are anywhere in the inner Bull, or if both darts are in the same triples or doubles ring.


            ·          If a rethrow of the Bull is necessary due to a tie, the VISITING team shall throw first with additional rethrows made on an alternating basis.  When diddling, the darts must remain in the playing surface.  If the second dart dislodges the first, both must be rethrown.  If the first dart goes into the single or double Bull, the player must announce whether it is a single or double, and IT MUST BE REMOVED.  Any player scheduled to play in that game may throw for the Bull.


3.         THROWING ORDER - Players shall throw in the order as written on the scoresheet.


            ·          A player’s turn terminates when the Player’s Change Button is pushed.


            ·          The team losing the first game shall automatically  begin the second game.  It is the new shooter’s responsibility to insure that the Player’s Change button is correct before shooting.  (It is possible to shoot the winning dart for the opposing team).


4.         SCORING - No dart may be touched by the thrower, another player, captain, or spectator prior to the decision of the captains.  Non-adherence to this rule will result in automatic forfeiture of the game.  Throwing out of turn errors must stand as scored unless they can be corrected prior to the beginning of the next throw of the offending team.  (The aforementioned may be waived in the interest of sportsmanship).


            ·          The Board is always right.  The capability of the machine determines scoring irregularities.  Players may not make up rules regarding a machine’s scoring capabilities.  Darts do not have to remain in the scoring surface to count. Darts in scoring surface that DO NOT score MAY NOT be pushed in to register.


            ·          A dart dropped accidentally may be picked up and rethrown.


            ·          If a delay in play causes the dart machine to “time out”, the offending team will forfeit that game.




            ·          A player must have both feet behind the hockey before each throw.  If he has one or both feet over the line, a foul occurs.  A violating player will be given one warning after the first foul by the opposing captain.  Any subsequent fouls will result in forfeiture of the player’s next throw.


            ·          To commence scoring in a “double in” game, a player must land a dart in the outer (double) ring.  This dart and all subsequent darts shall be counted for score.  Inner (double) Bull is considered a double 25 for starting or finishing the game.  If the double Bull is not available or is not active, doubling in or doubling out on the Bull is not allowed; doing so will result in forfeiture of that game.


            ·          Come Out Rule:  When a player busts, he MAY NOT throw another dart.  He must “come out”.  Failure to comply with this rule, after a warning is given, will result in forfeiture of that game.


5.         FORFEIT - A forfeit will be declared for a team having less than three players.  A match can start with less than a full team in attendance.  When a game comes up and there are not players to play that game, that particular game will be forfeited to the particular team in attendance.  Players absent from both teams - double forfeit - teams will split any points for that particular match; odd points will be determined by the team match.  A team no-show will forfeit all points for that evening.


            ·          A team having the minimum number of players, but unable to field a full team, will forfeit the respective number of points for each singles game not played and for team/doubles events will miss one turn of play for each player not in attendance in each round of play; i.e., a three-player team playing against a four-player team would have only three turns for every four turns of the opponent.  The doubles matches would be played so that the light team throws once for every two throws that the full team would.


6.         MATCH FORMAT - A evening consist of the following games:


            ·          Doubles:  Cricket and “301 Double in/double out” - best of three games.  The game not selected to be played first, must be played as the second game.  If a third game is required, winner of the diddle selects the game.


            ·          Singles:  Same as Doubles.


            ·          Team:  “501 Double in/double out” - best of three games.  If “double in” option is not available on machine, the highest available “double out” game will be selected.


7.         POINT SYSTEM - TEAM:  (2 straight matches won score as 3-0).


            ·          1 point for each Doubles match won (6 points total)

            ·          1 point for each Singles match won (12 points total)

            ·          1 point for each Team match won (3 points total)


8.         POINT SYSTEM - INDIVIDUAL:  (2 straight matches won score as 3-0).


            ·          CRICKET OR “01”:      

                        -  4 points for each singles win (12 points total)


            ·          CRICKET ONLY:

                        -  2 points for each THREE DARTS IN THE BULL (not 3 bulls total)

                        -  4 points for each TURKEY (Nine count - each triple must fully score)





            ·          “01” ONLY:

                        -  2 points for each T20 or above (excluding points consisting of Bull(s) on                      machines where the Double Bull is not active).

                        -  4 points for each T80.

                        -  4 points for the season HIGH IN.

                        -  4 points for the season HIGH OUT.  If a tie exists for HIGH IN/OUT,                                 points will be given to each player, but the cash award will go to the

                              the top rated darter).


9.         TEAM STANDINGS - A team’s placement in the final standings will be decided by their statistical average.  Ties will be broken by the team ratings (Cumulative individual player ratings).  If a tie still exists which affects trophy positions, a play-off will take place one week after the end of the season.  Any other ties will split the awards.


            ·          INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS - A player’s placement as a top darter will be decided by their ratings.  Ties will be broken by player’s individual average.  If a tie still exists, which affects the first OR last money position, a shoot-out will take place one week after the end of the season.